Welcome to Flame Spirit

the shrine dedicated to Charizard (Lizardon)

This is Saya’s tribute to one of her favorite Pokemon: Charizard (Lizardon), if not her favorite of all. This pokemon has what she likes – fire and dragon-like.

I play pokemon from the moment they came out more than a decade ago, I started with Pokemon Red, where Charizard is the pokemon logo of the game. And from there it stayed always my favorite, even if in most games after it I couldn’t have it, because I never had someone with whom to trade.

Now in 2010 came out the new games: HeartGold and SoulSilver, making me become again obsessed with it. (Well I did spend lot of time on Diamond and Platinum, and well others too).

Anyway this mini (one paged) shrine is dedicated to Charizard from the games, as I’m not too much in to anime, even if Satoshi’s Charizard is one of the few decent characters.

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