Basic information

Charizard is the final evolution, that means that he is the last in the row. On level 16 Charmander evolves in Charmeleon, while Charmeleon on level 36 in Charizard.

The first thing we should say about this pokemon is that, despite his dragon-looks, this pocket monster isn’t of a dragon type (even thou Lance has him as part of his Dragon team), still he is the only non dragon pokemon who is able to learn dragon moves.

We must admit that Charizard has a looks of a dragon, especially if we look at the European folklore/myths.

His looks are appealing to the eyes of who loves dragons, because the form is of a red dragon. He has two big wings that are blue on the insides (which his pre-evolutions doesn’t have), a tail with a flame on its tip and a long neck, sharp claws and a big round cream-colored belly. And on the most art that was made of this pokemon, we can see that his eyes are probably blue.

The name Charizard is composed by the word CHAR that should be the sound that the flame does (I read this one in more parts) and zard as from Lizard. While the Japanese version comes from Lizard and the ending don that is mostly used for dinosaurs names.

He has a big potential and his moves list is so long, that I probably won’t put the whole thing in this shrine.

Charizard gives the idea of power from the first moment it comes in to the game, as your pokemon or as the one used versus you in the battle. And I think they tried to show that in the anime too, as a stubborn pokemon, who is able to do great things, only if he thinks it’s worth too.

We can’t deny that probably, if not counting the legendary pokemon (who when in your hands aren’t so powerful, I can’t understand this thing – first I can’t take it down, then when I use it, it dies so easily), he is one of the most powerful around. He is able to learn the best moves, and not only fire related, but also flight (fly), ground (dig, earthquake), dragon (dragon claw) and naturally the fire related like fire blast and flamethrower. If it would be for me, I would always have one in my party, unfortunately, that’s so difficult to do, for me.